Loan repayment is easy

Please watch this video to learn how to do it correctly and easily
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Pay on time - get more benefits
Please don't forget to pay on time. As soon as you pay the full amount of the current loan agreement, you can immediately take a repeat loan
Beware of scammers & fraudulent account!
To repay your loan please double check the No. of your loan agreement which you have received by SMS from Cashwagon. You can repay the loan only using agreement number as a reference number in payment details. Please use only Cashwagon agreement number which you received applying for loan and ignore the other numbers that can be sent by third parties with fraudulent intentions. Payments with incorrect agreement number are not accepted by Cashwagon
Install the Cashwagon mobile app and get extra features
  • Don’t miss your next payment
  • Faster cash disbursement
  • Special offers and better rates for repeat loans